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Playlist of the week

September 30, 2020

Mathias Bøe

If you only want the current playlist without going through the different weeks, you can find it here:

Week 42 - Synthwave on the Streets of 2043

These synthwaves and electronic beats will keep you rocking all week.

Week 41 - Outrun this synthwave if you can

Lean back, relax and enjoy this journey back to the future.

Week 40 - Untitled and entitled

Week 39 - Bringing it back

Bringing it back to chill music with an explosive finish.

Week 38 - Short and sweet

Mixed music from different genres

Week 37 - Rokk and råll

People have asked for a Norwegian rock playlist. So here comes the toppen of the kransecake of norwegian rock and beyond.

Week 36 - Exploratory Journey

It’s time to explore some genres and music from “smaller” artitst. At least not that big in Europe. Some of them should be familiar though, as there are some larger artits as well.

I was also asked to make a playlist that is updated every week, so here is a link to a constantly updated playlist:

Week 35 - Blast from the Past

Here is a blast from the past.

Week 34 - Progressive progression

Now let the studies begin, therefore I’ve collected some songs with little to no lyrics and lots of atmosphere so you have something to listen to while you read or study. To everyone who did their part during “fadderuka” to make it safe for everyone, thank you so much! It’s important that we keep working together to make the university a Covid-free zone!

Heres the playlist:

As a tiny bonus because I know you like to have some fun, here is a playlist that is not meant to be listened to:

Week 33 - Fadderuke

“Fadderuka” is here!

The playlist of the week will come out late sundays or early mondays for this whole semester, if you want to contribute; you are more than welcome to do so by making a pull request to this repo.

In regards to the covid-19 updates its time to listen to some music that will make you relax.

Since bars are not serving alcohol after 00:00, we need more “nachspiel” music. Here is a playlist that is meant to not be offensive to anyone and nobody will notice when it’s playing. I promise you, nobody will complain to you about this music, they will just not notice that the music is playing unless they really like it. So here it is, this weeks playlist:

Take care of each other, we don’t want the virus to spread, so remember to follow the guidelines provided by the university and government.

Party hard - take care!